Monday, May 13, 2013

The Good News, the Bad News and more inconvenient changes

Finally, the medical visa will arrive in the morning two hours prior to scheduled flight, after jumping through every hoop imaginable.  Big thanks to the Travisa folks who stayed late tonight to make sure that the passport visa got shipped out LITERALLY 5 MINUTES prior to last fed-ex pick up.    Will arrive at 10 am, they depart for airport at 12:00

Can we say stress?

One hurdle accomplished last minute, now we need to look at the other end.   In process of making the appointment for the DNA test for tomorrow, Tuesday, I was informed that now we can't make appointments for DNA prior to going through the other appointment for the passports and citizenship (ACS appt)!  Well, that would be fine but we have one document that needs signed here in India that is necessary for the ACS appointment.  So, I can't move forward with either process and the guys don't get here until Thursday.  Which of course means that DNA is now once per week, and we now have to wait the whole week to get things processed.   Wouldn't be an issue, aside from the fact that our returns are booked for the 28th, which if I had been able to do the DNA as planned, would leave us plenty of time for the FRRO process.

This policy is brand new.  Of course it is because on the Embassy website, it clearly states that DNA is step 2 and ACS is step three and you may either combine appointments or schedule them separately.  They just have not updated the website yet.    Really, come ON, have things not been made more difficult with the once a week testing alone?    So, now if you do need to have a medical DNA test at the hospital, you will need to go through ACS first.  It seems utterly silly, the DNA is the requirement for approval of everything!  Why not let it remain step 2?  It seems like we're foiled at each attempt at an organized exit.

At least both David and Mike will arrive, and I will hand over the little ones to Mike for a 12 hour nap.  It's been very stressful dealing with the changes here, and I was so prepared with everything I needed.  Or so I thought!

Babies are fine, aside from the fact that they have decided to wage war on me from 5 am until 9 or 10 each morning.  Completely united attack!


  1. I can feel your stress!! Those babies are lucky to have an aunt like you!

  2. Hi K.
    I am happy that things are working out for all of you!! We are working on the Visa as well.. And I am checking with Hilton how you manage to sterilize those bottles, do you have a microwave at the Hilton? I remember they said they don't...

    1. They are working on the microwave situation here at the hotel. We have the sterilizer, and all I do is pick up the phone, and someone arrives to take them down to sterilize them in the micro in the big kitchen. They bring them right back.. They will also do a dishwasher run if you'd like. Very helpful while they are setting up systems for us. The service here is incredible.

  3. I got to feed little J..heheh... both those babies are waaay too cute. how was the hand over? hope all is well. have you started FRRO yet?


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