Sunday, May 5, 2013

Calling all those in India - Photo favor PLEASE!

Jaime and Mike are going nuts wanting some new photos of the Aidan and Jayden.  If anyone is in the NICU today, could they please snap a few quick shots for all of us?

Calling the Indian Consulate office in Houston tomorrow using their emergency visa line.  I know that Travisa is doing what they can, but perhaps a personal phone call to the emergency line is in order.  It states online that it is for Indian Citizens, but what the heck, it's worth a shot.  Maybe there is someone there who will be sympathetic enough to make something happen.  My flight is Tuesday at 4 pm and I really need to have things settled so that I can relax.   I also need a copy of the passport that is sitting at the consulate's office in Houston.  Guess what, the one thing I forgot to do is copy the damned passport before sending it to Travisa.   When I realized what I'd done, I asked Travisa for a copy, and guess what?  They don't have one either!!!  Believe me, I've been smacking my head over this one for weeks now.   There are bruises.

It is really cool packing for this trip.   My babies were large babies, so I am not totally used to these little preemie outfits which are so small that all of them combined take up a teeny tiny section of my suitcase for them.  The photos that we all receive make the babies look so much bigger than they really are.   When you enter the NICU you see how tiny they really are.   But they are typically thriving despite their size.  It's amazing to see the differences in sizes between all of the babies.   Fortunately, most babies are larger than the preemies, but that makes the little ones look even smaller. I got to spend some time at the NICU  with some new parents when I was in Delhi in January, and it was great.  I also volunteered in college in the NICU as a "cuddle care" volunteer (my love for all things baby started as a child), and my best friend had preemie triplets, so I'm pretty used to the tiny sizes and the demands of these little ones who in theory should still be inside the womb.   But, everything in birthing babies revolves around the timing of the little ones themselves.  When it's time, it's time.  In any country.

God, I hope that I can post some good news tomorrow, otherwise I'll be filling a prescription for Xanax.   My family is awesome, together we can do anything and I know that this will work out in the end.  I know that SCI will make sure that everything happens properly on the India side as well.  Dr. Vishal talked me off the ledge the other night and I've felt calmer since.   I just have to be able to breathe breathe breathe.   I can't wait to be the "cuddle care" provider for these boys until their daddy and uncle get there.   We will be training Mike well, though I think he will be a natural!  

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