Monday, September 30, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle article on Surrogacy in India

THIS is powerful reporting.  This is the good, the bad, and everything in between, no mincing of words, no prejudice from one side or the other - just reporting "how it is".

This article gives you insight into the importance of education prior to undertaking surrogacy abroad - it's not a journey for everyone.  And, in my own opinion, feel that it is more prudent to do this in one of the bigger cities with a bit more modern facilities and access to Embassies and FRRO.

You WILL have a c-section in India 99% of the time, you will have many questions, there will be barriers in communication along the way, but if you're working with a facilitator, like me, you do have more answers, or should anyway.  Why do clinics shy away from this?  On surrogate housing, Dr. Patel uses a dorm like setting because her clinic is rural and many of the women would have to travel too far for appointments and this gives the physicians and nurses, social workers access to them.  Other physicians in larger cities believe in allowing the surrogate to live in her own home with supplies provided, and rents paid, others have smaller homes where there are only 2 surrogates per room.    With Dr. Bakshi, the Intended Parents have a choice in where the surrogate lives.

It is heart wrenching to see the photo of the surrogate in this story struggling with pain after her c-section, trying to clothe her daughter.  Why is someone not assisting with this?  I do believe that c-sections are actually better for the surrogates themselves.  The process of laboring for hours and hours combined with the actual pushing out of a life is so very emotional and I think creates a bigger bond between the surrogate and the baby she is carrying.   As a woman who has had 24 hours of labor, followed by and emergency c-section, and then what we refer to in our home as a "drive through baby" scheduled c-section, I'll take the C-section over labor ANY day.   The first week is tough, the incision burns like crazy, but I would imagine vaginal tearing would hurt just as much, and could also create more bladder issues for the surrogate moving forward.   I would hope that the proper medications are given to the surrogates to assist with their pain.  It is cruel to consider otherwise, and the article doesn't state if she is medicated or not.

Some in the industry may consider this story to be negative, but I think this is actually a great piece on what surrogacy looks like in rural India.  And, the process worked! And usually does.   Two families profoundly impacted positively.   None of us can imagine being excited over an essential hole in the ground as a bathroom, but this is now something that this family has that they did not have before.   $50.00 a month salary for the husband.   $7,000 + for 10 months of family separation, train rides, inconveniences and great commitment from this generous woman.   Which gives that family a greater chance at a future?  For SOMETHING?

I am sure this will cause some stir among the naysayers, but I think that this piece is tremendous.  India surrogacy

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Website live! Complete Surrogacy Solutions

It has taken a bit of time and several rounds of edits, but we have finally released our introductory website,   In the coming weeks we will be adding more information, including the legal aspects for securing second parent rights for babies born through surrogacy in Thailand.  We have tons of information to share!   As Surrogacy in Thailand is relatively new, we are striving to become the central resource in the US for education and legal aspects of this amazing opportunity for gay and/or single international surrogacy.

Our program in India is unrivaled in its transparency and "inclusive" pre-natal package, which provides security through complete surrogate hospitalization and medication coverage through birth.   Great success rates at a lower price than other clinics who have numerous non-included line items and an over abundance of costly surrogate hospitalizations.  

I am very proud to be working with both Dr. Rita Bakshi and Dr. Pisit.   Both physicians support the Educated Intended Parent model.   

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Barilla Pasta anti-gay family statement

Okay, two blogs in one day, but I find this too important to not speak about.  Everyone has seen that a major pasta company has come out stating that they will never have a gay family represent them in advertising.   Personally, I don't buy my products based on who is in the advertisement, but I do have a problem with what was said about LGBT families and adoption by the Chairman of Barilla, Guido Barilla, "I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose".  

Do children adopted by heterosexual couples get to choose their parents?

In his "Clarification" remarks he stated the following:

"I respect gay marriages"

followed by,

"In its advertising Barilla represents the family, because it is what welcomes everyone."  

Obviously NOT everyone.

Men Having Babies Seminar in NYC

A shout out to those in the NY area - Men Having Babies, a non-profit LGBT family building organization is hosting a conference in Manhattan on October 6th.  I'll be in attendance, and look forward to meeting others considering surrogacy options.  MHB is an excellent resource and provides both education and surrogacy funding opportunities.   The focus is primarily on domestic surrogacy, and there will be many sponsors present and available for private consultation including attorneys, physicians, and agencies.  Participation fee is only $10.00 pre-paid, or $15.00 at the door.  

I'd love to see many there!  

I will also be available for one-on-one meetings on Saturday and Monday should anyone be interested in surrogacy in Thailand or surrogacy in India.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Media Juxtaposition

Interesting because many articles in the media regarding international surrogacy have suggested that "rich Westerners" are taking advantage of "poor women" in Asian countries providing surrogacy.

This article made me smile.  Congrats to all who turn to surrogacy in any country! May all your dreams come true.   There truly are opportunities that suit the individual needs of each person in Surrogacy Land.

Happy Tuesday!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Families Through Surrogacy - "Model Search"

Families Through Surrogacy would love to hear from you about your surrogacy journey, and to obtain some great photos of babies born through surrogacy either domestically or abroad to feature on our website and Facebook page.  PM me if interested!

Kim Hendrix
Families Through Surrogacy
Director of Marketing and Sponsorship
Founder, Complete Surrogacy Solutions

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Families Through Surrogacy - Educational Surrogacy Organization

Families Through Surrogacy is a newly formed International Surrogacy non-profit organization developed to provide comprehensive education, support, and a central resource for those interested in pursuing surrogacy either internationally or domestically (here in the US).   We are planning two conferences in the US for March of 2014 - one in the Washington, DC area (March 15th and 16th) , and  be in San Francisco the (March 22nd and 23rd).   The programs are based on the Surrogacy Australia model, and conferences will be held in several global locations.

We are in the process of screening sponsors and speakers who represent the best of the industry, those who have consistently provided ethical surrogacy options, who promote best-practices and communication, and are proven experts in the industry.  In addition, we will also highlight several individual speakers who are at various stages in the surrogacy process.  We will focus on all aspects of the surrogacy process - from selecting your providers, agencies, lawyers, cryo-transportation, DNA processes, etc.   These will be large scale events and will offer options for both married heterosexual couples, singles, and the LGBT community.   One on one opportunities will be available for conferences with individual providers.

I will be updating more as time goes on, as I am supporting the efforts for the US conferences.  In the meantime, please visit for more information.  For direct questions, feel free to contact me personally at   I'm excited to be part of the formation of a wonderful resource for the surrogacy community.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Semen shipment to Bangkok - SUCCESS!

Another smooth shipment from Shannon at Cryport!   I can't say enough about her services, and I'm thankful to have her for my clients.  Great communication, and follow through.

By the way, all suggestions for resources are non-paid referrals.  However, my clients do often have the benefit of special shipping rates.  I would rather the clients receive savings on things whenever possible, than to accept referrals from specialized providers.  This is an expensive process and keeping costs in check is part of my job that I take very seriously.

Another special thanks of the day goes to my client Fred for his thoughtful comments about me in his recent blog.  I am thankful for clients like him who become true life long friends.  His outline of the exit process is GREAT!   I couldn't have done it better, and I'm so happy that he's home safely with his two precious little guys.

Kim Hendrix
Complete Surrogacy Solutions