Thursday, May 2, 2013

Long time no write! Hello to my new twin nephews!!!

So, I've not blogged in a very long time, for a variety of reasons but I can't resist anymore!

I am pleased to announce the arrival  Jayden Michael aka "Little J" and Aidan James who arrived Tuesday at 1:15 pm at 35 weeks.   Little J was 3.9 lbs and Big Aidan was 5.25 lbs!   Early arrival due to cord prolapse, however the embryonic sac was still intact, so no oxygen loss for Big A, whose cord was the one compromised.   Jaime and Mike are over the moon, and I am so thrilled for them.   Both babies are still in NICU on feeding tubes, but Dr. Gupta says that they should be ready to transition to bottle in a few days, in time for my arrival on Wednesday.   Mike and Jaime have asked me to request that anyone who is in India now for baby pick up to please take some more pics for us!!

David and Mike will be following shortly after me, so I'll have a few days with the babies as Auntie by myself, despite the fact that Mike is just dying to get over there.   I will savor every moment with them, and I'm sure after a few sleepless nights, I'll be over the little baby envy I've been feeling lately. We all had booked our tickets in advance, and I had just paid for the Hilton Garden Inn with Avios points just the night prior to their arrival, so I spent the day of their arrival contemplating the logistics of changing 3 flights and hotel reservations for Mike.  As we know that they are being well cared for and are safe in the hospital where they need to be, we decided to stay the course and keep our original travel dates.  Though it is HARD to do!  Jaime is unable to travel that distance due to an ongoing medical issue that makes her violently ill on planes, so there will be constant skyping going on!!!   It will be quite the moment when we arrive home to DC and hand the babies to her.  I get weepy just thinking about it!

A few hours after their arrival, I had a moment of release when I realized that they are both here, and both are healthy and fine.  A little mini breakdown, as I felt the tension and responsibility I've felt these months begin to abate.   However, we are still awaiting a medical visa.  Travisa Houston has informed me that the Indian Consulate is backed up, and that they've only received two visas of ANY type since the 26th.  I have my 10 year tourist visa, so I can go, but we need the medical visa for the exit process.   It has been in process for a long time now, and the Consulate in Houston is now aware that the babies have arrived and are pushing it forward.  So, not all of my tension is gone.  I should have gone with my initial instinct and gone with the tourist visa for everyone, but I did what was suggested at the time.  Now I am regretting it.

I spent the month of January in India learning about the industry, SCI, and had meetings with the US Embassy and the British Embassy, who wanted to meet with the crazy American aunt to discuss the changes that were taking place as I arrived in India.   It was an amazing, life changing trip.  I got to spend time with Mrs. R, Jaime and Mike's surrogate, got to go to an ultrasound appointment with her where I met the fantastic Dr. Jolly.   And Jolly he is.  An incredible and thorough doctor, and I immediately trusted him.  Spending time with Dr. Shivani and learning from her was very special, as was meeting Dr. Vishal and Dr. Deene, the embryologist extraordinaire.   Of course, Rahul was great and we did a quick side trip to Jaipur.

The recent changes in Visa regulations have hit everyone very hard.  I will discuss more about that, along with my feelings about the CBS report that aired a couple of weeks ago in a separate blog.  This blog is a happy blog about my nephews and the wonderful friends and new parents I met on my trip.   It felt like summer camp at times, I stayed at the Svelte for a few days (hated it) and then moved to the Hilton Garden Inn (loved it).  But all the new families and IPs would get together for dinner and cocktails, and the sharing of something so deeply personal like surrogacy was just incredible and I fell in love with everyone I met.  Traveling solo, I felt completely safe at all times.  In a future trip when I don't have the babies to care for, I will be branching out in my stays to find alternative places for IPs to stay.

I will be updating from India and will have photos of course!  Jaime and Mike have forbidden me from posting the nude newborn photos that we have, we all want to protect their modesty!  Let's just say that "Little J" has quite the lungs and his first photo is of him screaming his head open in what appears to be complete anger at being brought out of his warm cocoon.   Mrs. R. is resting comfortably and did an amazing amazing job.  I can't describe what it was like meeting her and feeling the babies moving around inside of her at the 22 week mark!  It was also nice to see that the other surrogates were happy and healthy and that they all seemed very glad to be pregnant for all of us.  It's important that they know how much we all think of them every single day.   They are the reason we are having babies, and having hope for families at all in some cases.  With a bit of luck, the regulations will once again change in the favor of single and gay families.  It might take time, but I am not giving up hope just yet.

More to come!  Again, anyone in India, PHOTOS PLEASE!!!!

Also, prayers and thoughts for Fred's surrogate who is in the hospital.  I know that she is receiving excellent care, and that Dr. Jolly caught what was going on in time to take care of things.   With rest and time, all will be fine.  I know it!

Auntie Kimmy


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Glad to hear the babies are doing so well. Safe travels

  2. Welcome back to blogland and CONGRATS! Excellent news for a very proud aunt I'm sure!

  3. Thanks Kim! And again...congratulations on the twins!!!! I am so excited!


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