Monday, October 12, 2015

Surrogacy Cambodia, Mexico, and the USA, Complete Surrogacy Solutions on the move!

The ever changing landscape of International surrogacy has once again moved us to a new country with a better program and more experienced support than ever.    Our November and December groups are completely filled, and the January and February groups are filling fast.  We take a limited amount of Intended Parents per group, per year.   CSS provides an intimate and personalized surrogacy consulting service.  Contact us at, or visit us on our expanding site at  

Some of our joyous new and growing babies!
CSS Families 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From Complete Surrogacy Solutions! Another Australian Citizen is delivered!

Another Aussie Citizen welcomed.  We are happy to have played a part in the positive outcome for the Intended Parent and his gorgeous son, George!

We take a personalized approach for each Intended Parent, each program is geared towards the individual needs that our clients express to us during in depth first meetings and Skype calls.  Our involvement allows the Intended Parent to feel part of the process.  It is an honor to be part of this special  journey with you.

We return to India and Nepal next week for our continued growth and development and to arrange Skype calls and visits for each IP and their surrogate mother.  We also have a large group of clients starting their surrogacy processes.  It is rare to have an agent who personally travels with clients to begin cycles and to meet their surrogates.  We also are finalizing our convenience packages for clients to access during the exit process in Nepal.   Convenience is going to be key for an easier time managing the weeks spent in Kathmandu with your new baby or babies!

Assistants have been hired, drivers engaged, attorneys consulted, hotels and apartments negotiated.  It is an exciting time once again.   We welcome the opportunity to continue to develop and make the best programs available.  Each trip brings us new experiences and education and allows us to tailor the program to benefit the differing needs of as many Intended Parents as possible.

We work very hard, and are very proud to have assisted many parents throughout the past years.  It truly takes a village, and we are here to bring all moving parts together.

Kim Waters Hendrix, Kim Hendrix, Complete Surrogacy Solutions

Monday, February 23, 2015

Complete Surrogacy Solutions - Another long awaited dream come true

We would like to welcome Miss Katia Sophia to our CSS Family.  Born on February 23, 2105 she is in our final group of arrivals in Bangkok.

Katia Sophia's parents started their surrogacy journey in Delhi, India.   It has been a very long journey to this point, but with a lot of patience, trust and faith, a dream has finally come true.    While surrogacy may be a very quick and smooth process, it sometimes takes a very long time and a lot of emotional and financial investment on the part of the Intended Parents.  These IPs are over the moon with joy and relief!

Congratulations to our newest parents, and to their beautiful daughter Katia Sophia.  We are celebrating with you!!!

Complete Surrogacy Solutions, Kim Waters Hendrix, Kim Hendrix

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Complete Surrogacy Solutions - Success Stories From Afar.

Over the past 3 years CSS has assisted in the arrivals of many many babies in multiple countries. CSS facilitates each step of the pregnancy with each Intended Parent, based on individual needs.   Intended Parents place tons of emotion, time, money, and research into this process, and we take our role as facilitators quite seriously.  We are a small boutique company and accept only a small amount of clients per year.  We do not provide medical services, however we provide logistics and support and assist with communication with your surrogate mother and your treating doctor.  As we do explain to each IP,  surrogacy abroad is a giant step, and is not without risks.  

Client's have written:

I know that a lot is moving and changing with surrogacy but I want to send my sincere wishes of success to those who are looking and trying.  Kim helped us set up surrogacy and because of her work we have a wonderful family. She was always up front about what we would face and always had advice for us when needed, far and beyond what the terms of our contract required. Thank you again Kim!


When I first considered surrogacy, my plan was to do it in India, but, unbeknownst to me, the week before I decided that I was ready, the situation changed.  India would no longer be an option for gay or single intended parents (I am both of those).  For a time, there was hope that the situation would reverse itself, but it did not.  While I was waiting to see how things would work out, I selected an egg donor.   Since I had a donor, but no clinic, I was referred to Kim. 
After talking with Kim, I decided that surrogacy in Bangkok was the best option.  Kim had much experience with the system in India, but she did not have any in Thailand.  She had visited Bangkok and had set up a plan, and I was to be her first client!  Maybe, I should have been anxious, but I knew from talking to her that I could trust her.  From the beginning of the process to the births to now, Kim has been there with me…worrying with me, calming me, and celebrating with me. 
The entire process in Bangkok went perfectly.  That is not to say that everything went exactly as anticipated, but Kim always had a plan B (and a plan C and a plan D).  In fact, the exit process went so smoothly that even the employees at the U.S. consulate were impressed.  More importantly, the pregnancy went perfectly, and I am now blessed to be father of two beautiful, healthy sons. 
To sum it up, Kim helped me create a family, and, in the process, I feel like she became a part it.  
Scott M., Austin Texas

I am 30 years old and a single gay male.  I have always wanted a child but did not think it was possible given the costs of surrogacy in the United States.  Later, I heard of Indian Surrogacy on talk show and began researching.   From the beginning, it was obvious that Kim's heart was in this and she genuinely cared about what I was doing.  I feel like she is just as emotionally invested in my journey as I am.  In addition, Kim is personable, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive.  I have sent multiple emails to Kim and she has always responded quickly with thorough answers to my many questions.  She has the unique ability to lay any concerns to rest and to make what may seem to be a daunting process much more manageable and I do not know how I would survive this process without her.  Thanks Kim!!
Fred L.  Washington, DC.

My partner and I were in New Delhi, India in May to pick up our surrogate child.  Whilst there we dealt with on of our clinic's then customer service people, Kim Waters-Hendrix.  She was able to provide the much needed support and friendship during what is a very stressful time.  The baby pick up phase that we were there for was made that more difficult given the then recent changes to Indian laws in relation to gay and single parents and the visas that were required.  Without Kim being there the process would have been that much harder and more emotionally draining.  We regard her highly as a professional in this field and also now as a friend.  Her ability to understand our feelings and act appropriately was what not only made the process easier but allowed us to return home in only 13 days.
We can highly recommend Kim as a first class customer service representative, advocate and support base in the surrogacy  field.  Her service to us was above and beyond what we expected and superior to what we had previously experienced with other representatives.
Phillip and Luke

We just returned home after the birth of our son in Thailand in December, we are thrilled with the outcome of a long year's process.  With the turmoil in Bangkok regarding surrogacy at the mid point of our pregnancy, we were very anxious and concerned.  We were relieved when Kim flew over at the last minute to assist her clients who were on the ground there and to make sure that all was well with our surrogate when the clinic we were working with had to temporarily shut its doors.   Kim Hendrix gave us the fastest replies, and as much information as she could throughout the entire process.  From start to finish, she was our partner, and became our friend.   We are beyond joy with our healthy son, and look forward to working with Kim and Complete Surrogacy Solutions on a sibling project in the next year in Nepal.  
Stephen M. and Charles M.
San Diego, CA 

Just a few of our successes from clients in which citizenship through surrogacy is available:

We wish continued success to all of our many clients who are ongoing in their pregnancies in the USA, Mexico, and India and starting their processes in Nepal.   

For more information, please contact us, and we can put you in touch with a variety of very happy families from countries which allow citizenship through surrogacy. (New and updated website in development) 

Kim Waters Hendrix  Kim Hendrix Kim Hendrix Kim Waters Hendrix

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

International Surrogacy Considerations, Making Tough Decisions

The past year has brought many changes to the landscape of International Surrogacy.  Keeping up with all of those changes is a full time job requiring long trips, long meetings with doctors, clinics, attorneys and Embassies, while managing the expectations of clients who find themselves having to adjust mid-stride.   The second half of 2014 was certainly the most stressful 6 months for Intended Parents and their surrogates, and for agents, doctors and facilitators.  Bangkok closes, push to Mexico to find the best available resources there, get started and news articles and meetings with governmental officials suggest that there will be a shut down of "altruistic" surrogacy for anyone but those living in Tabasco.  Nepal opens as what appears to be the "final stop" on the International scene.   Fly to Nepal to see if it's manageable even with a doctor with whom we have been working for a long time in India.  Spend months developing and prepping to take a first group in.   It's a whirlwind of thought, time, and ethical considerations balanced against the desires, needs, and wants of so many people who are at their most vulnerable.

Everyone considering surrogacy Internationally really needs to understand FULLY that it is NOT the USA.   If you are at all afraid of long travel to places that may not have some of the conveniences that Westerner's take for granted, may feel primitive, or even unkempt, or if you feel that you need to have hospitals that look like 5 star resorts,  if you are looking for regulations, ratings and rankings as we have in the USA, then do NOT go through surrogacy Internationally.  Save your  money for a several years and try it in the USA.  Or Canada.   But, I will caution that even the US and Canada do NOT come with guarantees of success - no surrogacy or pregnancy, for that matter, in any part of the world, in even what appear to be the most perfect of situations can guarantee that you will have a healthy baby. (more on that later).

IF you are understanding of the above, and you want to have an excellent chance of having a family in a unique way that will hopefully allow you to still afford diapers and formula without taking a bundle of second mortgages, then DO by all means consider International surrogacy options.   Just realize it's going to be HARD.  No matter what.  We are down to just a few viable options, and those will not be around for very long based on the constantly changing landscape.  No country wants to be considered negatively when it comes to such a sensitive matter, no one want to be a "baby factory".

My clients so desperately want options to stay open.   They assume the risks associated with any pregnancy anywhere, but add extra intensity to it by doing this halfway around the world in another woman's body, in countries that do not have the ability or resources to, say, handle a micro preemie.  (Typically, outside viability in countries like India and Nepal is 29 weeks - on the outside).  It's stressful and highly emotional.   I tell all of my clients up front what I can and can't do for them - I can help guide clients through tough situations during the pregnancies but I can't make decisions for them medically, this is their surrogacy and their children.   Those decisions, and the decision to sign on to any program in particular is up to the Intended Parent.  Period.  Most of the time risks are mitigated and everyone goes home with healthy babies, rarely there are complications and outcomes that no one can control, not the doctors, not the agent, not the IP.   I've been extremely fortunate, I think to see so many wonderful outcomes, I celebrate each one of those.   And, I hurt deeply for the IP who does not have a perfect outcome.

  In the past, I have given many free and significantly reduced services to certain clients showing need.   I will no longer be able to do free or reduced agency fees  given the ever moving target that IS the International Surrogacy - an industry in which I still believe is a good option, and would (and frankly may) assume for my own family.  This also allows me to take fewer clients so that service is even better.  This is a boutique agency, not a churn and burn huge enterprise.  The intensity of the work, combined with the time away from home, and the development of new programs has increased the price for everyone involved, from clinic, to facilitator, to IPs.  Surrogate compensation is higher in Nepal due to the time away from home towns in India, and the living expenses are higher too.  Hospital delivery charges are higher as well.  The IVF doctors travel back and forth between their clinics in India or Germany, that also adds cost to the packages.

As of now, everyone feels a sense of desperation to get in and out of the countries as they come up.  Some people are able to handle the challenges and risks with minimal anxiety, and some need a lot of extra help, especially if complications arise.  As an agent/facilitator, we are here to help, but we too have limits on what we can logically provide, but we try to find for you the resources to minimize the anxiety and the information to manage some of the unknown.

On that note, new to the program this year is the inclusion of a therapy session with a licensed counselor who specializes in infertility and surrogacy, available to any IP who is feeling the need for support above what we can provide.  Also new is the addition of assistants and partners to the programs.   Nepal is going to present some challenges in convenience, but the two major hospitals in Kathmandu are truly well staffed, surprisingly modern, and clean (not BNH, but we can't have that anymore).  The hospitals seem eager to please, and I have met with all staff from the CEO down - the CEO and hospital admin have promised to assist IPs and me with all that they can.  The OBGYNs and Neonatologist and his staff were frank and open when I met with them and toured the NICU, delivery rooms, and recovery rooms.   Many in Kathmandu desire the infrastructure medically and in other ways that surrogacy can bring to a country.  This will enable even the locals to receive specialized care that they would have not experienced without the doctors bringing in equipment and the extra technology required for labs and IVF, and the additional equipment to the nurseries and NICUs.    Most of the doctors starting up in Nepal are world class and experienced physicians.   I anticipate seeing more resources and communication shared between top agents, a few of us are working on that presently.   It's going to be quite different for those who had first surrogacies in, or were considering, Bangkok.   But, we will have many babies through the Nepal programs who would not be possible without the brave surrogate mothers, the clinics, agents, facilitators, and Intended Parents who will work together halfway around the world to have the chance, the hope of a family.

 International surrogacy is not perfect, surrogacy in general isn't perfect anywhere, but it does provide options and chances for family that just did not exist openly even 10 years ago.   Again, consider your own fortitude and mental resources, not just the financial aspects of this process - be honest with yourself and make sure that you have all of the physical and mental support that you can possibly can before signing any contracts,  International, or maybe surrogacy in general, is perhaps not the best choice for each and every person who looks into the option.  Only IPs can make this decision for themselves.   But for those with that fortitude and who truly are wanting a chance at a family, and who can understand and accept the risks,  it can be the path to the family of dreams.

We are redeveloping our website to highlight the new programs and services that we offer, as well as sharing the photos of the families we assisted in 2014.  Please visit us at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mourning the loss of surrogacy options in Thailand, Starting to embrace and celebrate Surrogacy in Mexico

It's been a crazy 6 weeks for both CSS and for the international surrogacy community.   The changes in Thailand send me over for an unscheduled trip as I had 8 newborn babies "stuck" while the various Embassies negotiated with the Thai government to discover the appropriate ways for Intended Parents in the process to be allowed to exit.   It was amazingly stressful and scary as my clients were the first to be turned away at the airport (I was literally watching through the glass at immigration while the first client was turned away).   I can't accurately describe what that feels like aside from TERRIFYING.   I feel such a level of personal responsibility for each of my Intended Parents and their babies, so having this unfold right before me was surreal.  I immediately called the US Embassy in a panic (we weren't sure if the officials were going to attempt to keep the babies or the father, or what) and was told by the person answering the phone that anyone who could help me was "out to lunch".  Yes, I have a client being interrogated by the Thai police and immigration, and I was told that everyone was at lunch, and they'd call me back later.   Imagine my reaction to those words!  I am usually unflappable, but admittedly was quickly dropping my basket - the cheese had totally slid off of my cracker.  We all think that our Embassies are the places that we run for help when we're in a foreign country, and it was a rude awakening to discover that often their hands are really tied and there's not much they can actually do for us at the start of a "crisis".   Later, of course, when we went to the right people at the Embassy, the help was there for us, but it did take some time and some hard work on the part of the Ambassador, and the head of ACS in Bangkok, Paul,  to get things resolved.   Also, Trudy from the Australian Embassy was fantastic.  But, none of us could do anything but push the various Thai officials to make a decision on how to let everyone go.  We spent a lot of time with all the babies in our "war room" at one of the hotels, everyone trying different strategies to get out of the country to no avail.   The Thai government wasn't prepared for all of this firestorm.  Thai culture is quiet and respectful - a very proud culture.   I do not think that when all of this started, anyone understood the true number of people who were directly impacted by scandal and the resulting changes.   Well, now we know.

 I was so glad that I was able to be there on the ground to provide support, despite rumors circulating that the Thai military was going to be hunting down any "agents" involved in surrogacy. (Found out they were really looking for the agents who provided surrogates, that's NOT what I do, I facilitate and educate).   We were all hiding from media too - the first thing that the Thai gov't wanted was for the press to settle down and let everyone figure out the real facts and let us get on about the business of getting everyone home.   I had long meetings with the US Embassy, attorneys, and basically anyone who would have an idea on what we should do next.    I was not going to leave without exhausting the options, and each of my clients were just amazing despite the high emotions and fear that we all felt.    The bonus - I got lots of good baby time, and even got to have a newborn roomie for a few nights so that daddies could get a little sleep.   Something about cuddling with a newborn in the middle of chaos brings a level of peace that no amount of Xanax can provide.   I'll treasure those middle of the night moments with Little Miss Clare for the rest of my life.

Of course, the end of the story from our angle is that all Dads and babies got home within the normal time frame.   We have exit regulations in place, which are the same that I've always had for my clients.   I'm not anticipating problems with exits moving forward for those of my clients still pregnant in Bangkok.    All pregnant surrogates are safe and receiving appropriate ongoing care.   This does not mean that surrogacy in Thailand is open for business.  The current Military Government has made it clear that they do NOT support commercial surrogacy.  These exit regulations are really only going to be granted for an amount of time that gets those currently pregnant out of the country.

This whole thing is so unfortunate for the surrogacy community and I feel that the Thai government is making a huge mistake in eliminating this option for people.  Thailand is a PERFECT place for a REGULATED surrogacy option.   Thailand is medically one of the best countries - the doctors are educated, the hospitals FANTASTIC, the lodgings affordable, and the women who are surrogates are amazingly caring and grateful for the opportunity to help people have their families.    How can it be wrong for a grown woman to opt to use her body to help people have families?   Regardless of if she is compensated or not?   Yes, there are problems that arise when surrogacy is left unregulated, but I truly feel that it would be possible for Thailand to really become a world leading pioneer in how to undertake surrogacy correctly.  They could set the example for the rest of the world, frankly.  It's a win win for the economy, and for the women of Bangkok.   If we set appropriate rules and regulations and oversight on things like surrogate compensation, standards of care, appropriate embryo transfer numbers, compensation for egg donors, and guidelines for how many times a donor can safely cycle, which doctors and clinics can operate as surrogacy centers, insist on financial transparency and have inspections of these places on a regular basis, there is zero reason that this needs to be totally shut down as an option for people.   Also, it is important that we do insist on background checks for Intended Parents.   I think that we've all learned that through the horrid stories that were running the Australian news for so long.    Australian media sure likes to beat a dead horse to many degrees of Hell.  I have to say, we had all the "bad surrogacy myths" hit the news all at once.   It was a nightmare to watch unfold.

So, a few days after my return from what clients and I are dubbing "Argo Bangkok", I traveled to Mexico City to meet with doctors and clinics there.   Everyone knows that I was hesitant about entering Mexico for surrogacy, I've been pretty honest about that.  First thing that everyone needs to understand - ALTRUISTIC Surrogacy is legal in Mexico - and ONLY in TABASCO.   You must have appropriate legal documents from the start.   The cost in Mexico for surrogacy is higher than my programs in Delhi and the one I had in Bangkok, and legal costs are one of the main reasons.   Also, medical costs in Mexico are slightly higher, and surrogates are compensated a little more as well due to cost of living being higher.   There are several things that anyone looking for International surrogacy options need to consider.  I'm going to do a bullet point on that in the coming days.

Please let me know if you are considering options outside of Thailand.  I am still only able to take on a certain number of IPs per month or group, and I am hoping to enjoy the same successful results in Mexico that I have in India and Thailand.   Surrogacy in Mexico will NOT last forever.  So, if you are seriously considering this option, do it quickly, but BE SMART.   The big agents are setting up in Cancun, and I know that there will be resulting negative media.   People feel so desperate to have children that they will overlook so many things just for the chance - this kind of rash decision making is the true downfall for the industry as a whole.   Don't go for bottom barrel pricing, that means that there are corners being cut that you can't afford to cut.  Look for established IVF practices, transparent financial dealings (again, do NOT pay a 3rd party for fees that should be paid directly to clinics and doctors), make sure that your surrogate is housed the entire time in Tabasco.   THIS is a MUST in my opinion - this moving surrogates around from place to place, particularly those with higher risk multiple pregnancies is a recipe for disaster.  If your baby is born outside of Tabasco because of complications, you will be truly devastated at a time that you should be celebrating.   Sure, I'd love to visit Cancun, who wouldn't, but this is NOT a vacation.  This is having a baby in a foreign country that has very specific rules and regulations.    BE SAFE.  BE SMART.  HAVE BABIES.

ps.  more coming later this week on what to look for in Mexico Surrogacy.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Successes continue with All IVF and Complete Surrogacy Solutions! Babies, pregnancies, and lots of love!

It's been a while since the last update on happenings at Complete Surrogacy Solutions and we have much news to share.   First, I attended and spoke at the Surrogacy Australia Conference in Melbourne in May and got to see many of my clients, past and present, and visit with my Aunt and Uncle and some wonderful friends who were with me for baby pick up of my twin nephews in India LAST April.   Australians are awesome and I feel lucky to have so many great friends and clients there.

The most amazing news is that we had our first twin birth on May 30th for an American client from Texas.  Miss P, our beautiful surrogate was amazing!  Scott and the twin boys are doing well, and they got to go home in under one month from birth!   The hospital and staff was incredible!  The exit process was smooth, and given that I understand the importance of organization and the necessary items that the US Embassy requires, both the ACS appointment and the DNA testing went off without a hitch!   We use an awesome DNA lab who has very fast turn around.

Kim, Scott, and brother Jessie leaving BNH hospital with twins Damian and Elliot born May 30, surrogacy Thailand

Next, June group - CSS had 10 people cycling for the Group cycle and for those using young Thai donors, all became pregnant on fresh transfer - more twins coming, and we had many pregnant using donors from Carrie at  For fresh transfers with all IVF, a young Thai donor, and Dr. Pisit, we still stand at 100 percent on fresh cycle, and we're 90% successful on fresh cycle with Carrie's donors.   I still can't believe the great numbers we're seeing - Dr. P must be adding something special to his embryology lab.   I tend to think it's both a combo of skill and the positive energy that surrounds the clinic.

On to July, we have many babies coming this month!   We've had 2 sets of twins so far for daddies from Australia, and we've got more coming tomorrow (see blog Clare and Luke  and then more at the end of the month!  Babies everywhere!  All are healthy and strong and were carried to 36 weeks, even Miss Phairin who scared me with active pre-term labor about 2 hours after I arrived in Bangkok in May! (The preterm labor was intense, but we were extremely lucky that the hospital was able to stop the labor, and then after a few days released the surrogate to bedrest under my care.   She stayed in the hotel room next to me for two weeks, then went to stay at surrogate housing for the remainder of her pregnancy).

In the middle of all of this, my family moved back to Miami, Florida.   Complete Surrogacy Solutions will be opening a new office here in the fall.  It's great to be back in the place where we can thrive and are so very happy.

Our clients in India with Dr. Bakshi are doing super well.  We have many babies coming from India as well. The "all inclusive" package that Dr. Bakshi allowed me to create is providing both success and peace of mind.

Our September group is almost full, we have 2 slots left, and we're starting on the November group with 3 clients already signed for that group.   It's a very exciting time for me, for my clients, and for the LGBT community to be able to have this opportunity for success with International Surrogacy.   I am proud to be part of this, it continues to amaze me every single day.

By the way, here's a snap of my darling nephews born through Surrogacy in India - I can't believe how big and how amazingly adorable they are!   The past year has been such a whirlwind!

Aidan and Jayden Born April 2014 through surrogacy in India
Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you!