Friday, July 18, 2014

Successes continue with All IVF and Complete Surrogacy Solutions! Babies, pregnancies, and lots of love!

It's been a while since the last update on happenings at Complete Surrogacy Solutions and we have much news to share.   First, I attended and spoke at the Surrogacy Australia Conference in Melbourne in May and got to see many of my clients, past and present, and visit with my Aunt and Uncle and some wonderful friends who were with me for baby pick up of my twin nephews in India LAST April.   Australians are awesome and I feel lucky to have so many great friends and clients there.

The most amazing news is that we had our first twin birth on May 30th for an American client from Texas.  Miss P, our beautiful surrogate was amazing!  Scott and the twin boys are doing well, and they got to go home in under one month from birth!   The hospital and staff was incredible!  The exit process was smooth, and given that I understand the importance of organization and the necessary items that the US Embassy requires, both the ACS appointment and the DNA testing went off without a hitch!   We use an awesome DNA lab who has very fast turn around.

Kim, Scott, and brother Jessie leaving BNH hospital with twins Damian and Elliot born May 30, surrogacy Thailand

Next, June group - CSS had 10 people cycling for the Group cycle and for those using young Thai donors, all became pregnant on fresh transfer - more twins coming, and we had many pregnant using donors from Carrie at  For fresh transfers with all IVF, a young Thai donor, and Dr. Pisit, we still stand at 100 percent on fresh cycle, and we're 90% successful on fresh cycle with Carrie's donors.   I still can't believe the great numbers we're seeing - Dr. P must be adding something special to his embryology lab.   I tend to think it's both a combo of skill and the positive energy that surrounds the clinic.

On to July, we have many babies coming this month!   We've had 2 sets of twins so far for daddies from Australia, and we've got more coming tomorrow (see blog Clare and Luke  and then more at the end of the month!  Babies everywhere!  All are healthy and strong and were carried to 36 weeks, even Miss Phairin who scared me with active pre-term labor about 2 hours after I arrived in Bangkok in May! (The preterm labor was intense, but we were extremely lucky that the hospital was able to stop the labor, and then after a few days released the surrogate to bedrest under my care.   She stayed in the hotel room next to me for two weeks, then went to stay at surrogate housing for the remainder of her pregnancy).

In the middle of all of this, my family moved back to Miami, Florida.   Complete Surrogacy Solutions will be opening a new office here in the fall.  It's great to be back in the place where we can thrive and are so very happy.

Our clients in India with Dr. Bakshi are doing super well.  We have many babies coming from India as well. The "all inclusive" package that Dr. Bakshi allowed me to create is providing both success and peace of mind.

Our September group is almost full, we have 2 slots left, and we're starting on the November group with 3 clients already signed for that group.   It's a very exciting time for me, for my clients, and for the LGBT community to be able to have this opportunity for success with International Surrogacy.   I am proud to be part of this, it continues to amaze me every single day.

By the way, here's a snap of my darling nephews born through Surrogacy in India - I can't believe how big and how amazingly adorable they are!   The past year has been such a whirlwind!

Aidan and Jayden Born April 2014 through surrogacy in India
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