Monday, August 26, 2013

Complete Surrogacy Solutions

So, going to the next level!

Complete Surrogacy Solutions is an affordable boutique surrogacy client management company.   I work directly with two doctors only as their American Client Manager - one fabulous and well known doctor in Delhi who offers an "all inclusive prenatal" package with high success rates for my heterosexual and married couples, and one highly experienced and esteemed doctor in Bangkok who offers a "one stop" surrogacy package for my single and or gay clients.  I am only taking on a few clients per month, and handle everything that I can to make this process as smooth as I can.

I'm very excited about this opportunity, and have many clients who are already signed up and ready to go to both doctors.  In fact,  one of my couples just had their medical visas approved without needing extra time or more documentation!  I had them submit EVERYTHING to BLS, despite BLS claiming that they didn't think the documentation was necessary.  However, better to learn from lessons past than to assume anything in this process!

Website and Complete Surrogacy Solutions blog set to go.  We're on Facebook.  Please spread the word - honest client management, access to surrogates during my quarterly visits to Delhi and Bangkok, honesty with regards to surrogate housing, financial transparency, basically everything that people have asked me for is being covered.   Open communication.

I have a group cycle starting in Thailand set for November,  I will be present for all medical procedures and will meet each surrogate and egg donor for group .   I can accept a few more clients in the next few weeks before I have to close new applicants for the November cycle.  If you need a Caucasian egg donor agency, I happen to know of an excellent agency with donors who are well screened and prepared to travel and begin their cycles.   I will be sending individual clients as needed, but prefer to try to group several together so that they can support one another along the way too (if they wish to share their experiences), and have people around they have met for baby pick up.

I'm VERY happy to help anyone who needs it!

Kim Hendrix
President and Founder
Complete Surrogacy Solutions LLC

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Freedom to Blog About True Feelings

What to think when a clinic removes a popular blog from its own blog list when an Intended Parent is facing problems and wants to talk about them publicly?   I will never understand this - surrogacy is not always a smooth process, and I think that it's better to be open and honest about what everyone goes through.  It's not shameful to have a complex pregnancy, from a clinic OR an IP standpoint.  Pregnancies here in the states encounter complications and unexpected costs and emotional turmoil, what is the shame of talking about it?   When someone reaches out with concerns or disappointments or sadness, why is the clinic removing the blog instead of talking the concerns through?  This raises HUGE red flags all over the place.   I tend to look at sites that feature all "happy happy" throughout the process as dishonest, because we are all smart enough to know that it's just not true.

So, on the blogs that I will set up for my own surrogacy sites will be open to ALL bloggers going through surrogacy, the good, the bad, the ugly.  We have things to talk about, and we should be able to put things out there without fear of reprisal from the clinics who are taking care of our babies and the women who are carrying them.

This has really and truly upset me, and I feel like I have to talk about it.   My own blog has been removed from a site, but that's okay with me, I knew it would happen because I'm not just talking about pleasantries of the industry, but about how we can make the industry better for all involved.  Doctors who have nothing to hide support this, and encourage it, and they will follow my blogs happily.   We're a vast community with varying experiences.   And this is a HUMAN experience and we will have HUMAN emotions, this is not just "big business" to many of us, and that needs to be recognized, not diminished.

Okay, off the soap box for today, I just have had enough of "pumpkins and flowers" and realize we all have things to talk about, so let's discuss and make this a better industry all around.