Monday, May 6, 2013

Yep, they're beautiful!

A couple of photos for everyone this morning.  NO one tell Jaime that I posted these yet!  ha ha. I just couldn't wait! The boys are now being bottle fed and should be ready to leave the hospital shortly after my arrival.   I can't wait to kiss their little heads and enjoy that sweet newborn smell.   Oh, all the photos and video I will take of them to document this for Jaime and Mike.   I can't wait for him to arrive and to get to watch him as he falls in love like daddy's do.   The very very best thing anyone can ever witness is the bonding of new parents to their babies.

I actually think I want to expand my role into something where I can accompany new parents to India if they need assistance with the process.  I know that there are times that people have to travel solo due to both partners working, or in the case of single parents.   Kind of a Surrogacy Travel assistant, as well as helping at the start of the process.   Being there to witness the end result would be such an amazing joy.  Newborns are my addiction of choice.

Of course, I say this now, regarding the accompanying other parents.  Let's see how I feel in a few weeks after all this stuff with the visa, etc.  I might recant that statement!


  1. Don't recant! I might need you LOL. They are beautiful!!!!!! I can't wait to read your blog once you get there.

    1. Fred, you know I'll do anything for you!!!

  2. They look absolutely adorable! Once again, congratulations!


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