Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boy, Delhi is much hotter now than it was in Jan...

Just arrived at the HGI, after the 24 hour trip from Dallas.  Heading in the morning to see the babies for the first time, I know Jaime and Mike are going crazy waiting for the videos I'm going to take.  That is, if I can manage to take video through my blubbering tears.  Cause I'm getting weepy just typing this.   I can't believe that all of this started just a year ago, and here we are.  I'm in India for the second time in 3 months, and I have healthy baby nephews.  I've learned so much through this year, and am still learning - about surrogacy, about India, about my family, and about myself.  It feels wonderful to be sitting here drinking champagne straight from the split I brought from the plane - yes folks, OCD that I do try to quell, but with a husband in the hotel business, well, I'm aware of the necessity to wash the glasses in the rooms.

I digress, we still do not have the medical visa yet, and travel is scheduled for next Tuesday.  I'm hoping for something positive either Thurs or Friday.   My main focus is getting all of the Embassy process handled, which through power of attorney and literally a gazillion notarized documents, I can complete.  The only thing I can't do in this situation, thus far, is the FRRO.

I'm not sure if the babies will be sprung tomorrow or Friday, both are doing very well, and I will see what Dr. Gupta says in the morning.  I am so excited, I can't wait to see them!!

Okay, the split of champagne is finished, and I'm going to get a few hours rest before Rahul gives me my wake up call bright and early.  The nicest thing, everyone at the HGI recognized me and welcomed me back so warmly.  I am well taken care of here, as will all other clients of SCI.  I've negotiated a rate package with them, so if anyone is interested, let me know! They will provide a micorwave, etc.  They want our business, and frankly, aside from the space issue, this is a far better property than the Svelte, which I did check out on last trip and found to be a horrid place.  Dirty, not friendly, and expensive.  And, aside from the great company I had at breakfast with IPs and new parents, their breakfast over there sucks.   The breakfast over here is fantastic, and is included in the rate.  No, I do not get referral fees, Hilton hotels do not pay referral fees on a whole, so you can trust that what I'm saying is true.   David used to be a GM for a 600 room Hilton in Miami, so I know what I'm talking about!!!  Also, there are some excellent apartments that another SCI new daddy wrote to me about, that I'll share at a later date.

For now, I think the 40 hours of being awake is settling in.  It's 3:25 am Delhi time.  I'd better get some sleep because I suspect that these naughty nephews of mine will be keeping me awake for the next couple of weeks!  Oh, I will LOVE this, in part because I know I'll be handing them off to my sister for the really hard parts.  Ha ha!  I can do this again for a few weeks, but man, those first months of being a new mommy were tiring, and I had mine one at a time!


  1. So how do you really feel about the Svelte? LOL! I felt the same! Glad you made it there safely. Can't wait to see pics of the babies.

  2. So excited for you all!! Can't wait to hear how meeting your nephews goes!! Glad you made it safe and sound!! Good luck with everything!!

  3. Pic pics pics, I demand more pics!!!

  4. Hi!! Those 2 boys are soooo cute! Congrats.! I'm also in the HGI. Hope I get to see you :)


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