Monday, October 22, 2012

8 weeks and all is well!

Great scan today, two sacs, two heartbeats (132 & 134), measuring 8 weeks, 3 days.

We are thinking about J&M's surrogate and her family and hope that they are doing well and that she isn't suffering from any morning sickness.  Would be nice to be able to do something special for her, think I shall look into it!

J's and my parents are down here visiting for 2 weeks, sure is nice to have them around.  When you live so far away from family, you really appreciate the time together.  I am glad that mom and dad are close to J and M's house so that they will be able to enjoy the twins (and I'm sure will be a HUGE help) and spend even more time with them than they have with our kids.  Our kids have such a special relationship with my parents, despite the fact that we only get to see them a couple of times a year.  Both kids excited about having little cousins to play with, but they have both mentioned that they're not sure about having to share their Gamma and Gampy too much.  I've assured them that there is PLENTY of love to go around, and that they get to be the BIG cousins who can help with the babies this summer.

Really neat to be able to share this process with them, they will know more about ART and surrogacy than most grown ups!   At least they will understand and appreciate how special each child really is, and that so many of us have to work extra hard to have our babies!   Maybe that will make them still be nice to me when they are teenagers.   Hope springs eternal, right?

Peaceful and positive thoughts to everyone!


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  1. Those are strong heartbeats - Here is to a boring pregnancy and the safe arrival of some healthy, happy babies!!


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