Monday, October 8, 2012


We are very happy to inform you that two heartbeats have been seen during the scan.

Love those colorful e-mails!   Two little ones measuring right at 6w 1day, 120 and 124 beats per minute!

Haven't gotten to talk to J yet as she's in school teaching, but got a nice excited text from M. this am.  He beat me to the punch on this one!   

My kids are so very excited about all of this, and look forward to each step.  This has given us an excellent opportunity to discuss how babies develop, and everything that goes into making a baby, aside from the sex part.  Since both kids were conceived medically, I am perfectly fine with them thinking that all babies are made at the doctor's office at this point, and that the egg and sperm are handled by the lab.   Our time with this belief is short, however, as our 10 year old son is beginning to go through the early stages of puberty.   I'm clinging to innocence as long as possible!

I know that there have been many positives coming lately, but I want to send a special shout out to some special people who didn't receive the best news today - I KNOW that your time is coming guys, just hang in there!  You know who you are.



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