Monday, October 1, 2012

Double bubble...

We would like to congratulate you once again as Dr. Jolly has noted two pregnancy sacs during her scan. Dr. Shivani has reviewed the reports & found everything within normal limit with her scan reports.Kindly note that her next scan will be done to check heartbeats and this scan will take place within one week.

Yowza!!!   J&M over the moon!  They've been planning to move to a larger home, so now they have true incentive(s)!   Keeping fingers crossed for two strong heart-beats next week, and lots of good sticky uterine walls for their Surrogate, Ms R.   

Another excellent news morning! 


  1. Awesome--congrats x 2! Keeping fingers crossed for you all! I noticed a previous post of yours about meeting folks in Dallas--is there a way to contact you?

  2. Wonderful exciting news. The beta was very close to ours. Wishing all your family a very boring twin pregnancy.

  3. Fantastic news - so thrilled!!!!!!

  4. Congrats to the family, K. From future posts it sounds like all is going well.


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