Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello from Bangkok!

Amazing!!!  That's how it feels to be here.  Within 10 hours of landing I was in the office filming an ultrasound with one of my client's pregnant surrogate!  She was comfortable with me being with her, and she was very open and  nice and it was great to ask her questions about how she is feeling.   She is carrying twins and I was glad that she's doing very well and that the babies are on target.  This type of surrogate contact is important to me, I want these special women to understand that they are truly appreciated by me, and by my Intended Parents.  I will be seeing all of them throughout their pregnancies.   I love it!

The city is modern, clean, the doctor and staff completely approachable, experienced, and obviously caring about all involved in this process.  The office is in a high rise building that also hosts a 5 star hotel.

I am so happy, and the group cycle is off to an excellent start.  The doctor has each donor on a customized protocol based on her ultrasound and lab results.  No two are exactly the same, which is how things should be.   The staff knows each donor by name, and they are comfortable and treated well.

It's fantastic to walk into a bright airy waiting room bustling with donors, surrogates and Intended Parents.  There is no feeling of embarrassment or secrecy, just everyone going about their individual parts of this process.  There is a sense of peaceful energy in that waiting room.

I am honored to be working with Dr. Pisit and All IVF.   I now can say this about two doctors and two clinics in two very different places - I also have this with Dr. Bakshi and International Fertility Centre in India.   It feels so good!!!

Next week is full of meetings with lawyers and Embassies, and of course more ultrasounds to film.   I have many questions about ensuring second parent rights for clients in the US, and other countries as well.   It's vital to understand all of these aspects.   Flying blind and solo in international surrogacy is not advisable.  I want to be sure all of my clients are educated and safe upon entering into something so emotional, expensive, and sometimes nerve wracking.

The hotel we are staying in is beautiful and very close to the clinic - within a short walking distance.  No need to cab all the time!  Public transport is nice here too - the Sky Train is easily accessible and safe.

I'll update as things develop.   In the meantime, do your research, feel good about what you're planning and feel free to ask questions.


ps. And for those who like to shop - WOW!   It runs the gamut, from the weekend craft market, to the fancy malls, to the crazy MBK mall that has every single thing  you'd ever want in electronics, knock-offs, and luxury goods.   When the Thai say "food court" in a mall, it's not anything like ours at home - this is full scale dining and unending selection.  So, even on rainy humid days, there is plenty to do.   We will be doing all sorts of temple tours.   All of the young women in the group are excited to be here, and so am I.

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