Thursday, November 14, 2013

One of my favorite parts of my job....

Getting to spent time with my clients' pregnant surrogates!  We always ask the surrogate mothers for their levels of comfort prior to my meeting or photographing them, so far all the surrogates here in Thailand have been excited to meet me, and the other surrogates in the room also visit with me as well.  Through a translator, and through body and a sort of sign language, we communicate about morning sickness, weight gain, and about the gift they are giving to others.   Ms P., photographed here with me today, is carrying twins in Bangkok for one of my US clients.   All is well, aside from some morning sickness, a great ultrasound, which of course I was able to video to send to my Intended Parent (with Ms. P's permission).   This is an important part of the process for me personally, and I am respectful of their personal wishes.  Visiting with these special women, treating them to something special when I see them every 3 months, and letting them know how much we all care about them -  It's an amazing feeling.   I have 4 more surrogates to meet on this trip, and I can't wait!   I will see all of the surrogates for my clients again in both Delhi and Thailand in January/February.  

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