Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Positives in Bangkok!!!

Some nice strong betas coming from All IVF Center and Dr. Pisit in Bangkok!  It's exciting especially on first tries when going with a new clinic, and a new country.

(One negative from a dear friend for whom I was so hopeful that this was going to be THE cycle.  She's been trying for a while, but this was her first donor cycle in BKK.   Her time is coming, I know it, but it still hurts to post the successes of others when I know that she is suffering.  You know who you are, and you WILL get there, I feel it, and I'll be celebrating your positive very soon.)

Gearing up for the November trip to Bangkok and Delhi, have a group cycle coordinated, and it will hopefully be as successful as the first cycles with donors.  I will be in Bangkok for a few weeks getting the ground work established, meeting with Embassies and attorneys to assist with exit processes for various countries.   I'll post the findings, I know many are anxious to hear exactly what the process will entail, and this I shall gladly provide.  

I have many heterosexual couples starting cycles with Dr. Bakshi in India as well, from the US, Canada, and Brazil.   I anticipate many happy successes with Dr. Bakshi's "inclusive prenatal package".   We've tried to eliminate many of the extra line-item charges, and do include any necessary surrogate hospitalization, medication, delivery and multiple tries in the package.  A realistic, no surprises package is a very nice reassurance for those considering going to India.  

India still has the plus of allowing the intended mother to appear on the birth certificate. In Thailand, the surrogate mother appears.  I'm hopeful that I will have a better understanding of how to navigate that issue upon my return from the trip next month.  It would be nice to offer workable solutions in both countries for all of my clients.  I fear that India will remain closed to singles/and or gay clients, so I will work to make Bangkok as streamlined as possible.  

India produces so many healthy beautiful children and helps an equal amount of surrogates and their own families each year.  I hope that the government and doctors are able to find a balance to keep the industry safe and thriving.

Stay tuned for more information on the next group cycle, set for February in BKK and potentially in India for those considering Caucasian egg donors. Solo cycles available too with Caucasian, Indian and Thai donors each month.  


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