Friday, October 11, 2013

ASRM Boston, Men Having Babies, Medical Visa assistance

In Boston attending the American Society of Reproductive Medicine conference this week - a lot of learning and connections to be made!

Had a great time last week at the Men Having Babies conference in NYC - the team there did a fantastic job - large turn out, informative, and very friendly. Many many strollers and babies born all over the world through surrogacy!  So inspiring, and there really are many options to meet the needs of each individual embarking on this journey, so shop around!

Just thought I'd post a link to the Consulate General requirements for Medical Visa applications.  I've had many people asking me for assistance with this matter, so I thought I'd post it for those IPs, even those not working with me.  It's important to include ALL documents, despite BLS not giving this information, and suggesting that you do not need these documents.   BLS is new at the game, and all of my clients who have followed my instructions have received medical visas promptly without further requests from the Indian Consulate.

Include your marriage certificate as well, also the treatment letter from your clinic in the US suggesting the use of surrogacy is helpful as well.


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