Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Our beautiful ED started her stimulation yesterday.  We are all so excited and nervous.   I wrote to the team at SCI to ask if they could please mention to her how much we all appreciate what she is giving to our family, and that she will be remembered.   I hope that the donors know that they aren't just a face and a number on a sheet of paper and that once the deal is done that people forget their involvement.   Perhaps some donors wish to forget?   It must be odd to know that somewhere in the world an exact genetic match who you will never meet is walking, talking, and growing.  When "our" donor is an older woman, will she wonder?

Our children are down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina visiting my parents, and spending lots of time with their favorite aunt and uncle, J and M.   I love that they look forward to spending time with family.   In David's line of work, we move quite a bit and have never lived very close to our family, so our kids look so forward to their summer visits with Gamma and Gampy.   David and I look forward to it also, we try to reconnect as a couple during these weeks, though this time David is extra busy and stressed with work.  So, I'm in a mad organization mode.  I painted the bathroom yesterday, and am organizing my office because I'm going to be working again from home.   Interesting development indeed, which I will post at a later date!   I'm so excited because I'm going to be doing something that I feel is important, is helpful to so many people, and is something in which I will learn so much.   I've been searching for a new career for a long time, and have turned down many opportunities because I've been wanting to find the right thing for me, and for the family.    Again, I'm not at liberty YET to post what I'll be doing, but trust me, it's pretty amazing!!!

Hope everyone is well, and receiving lots of positive news.  

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