Tuesday, April 10, 2012

July can't come soon enough!

The application sent, now we are waiting for J &M's first choice donor to be ready to cycle in June/July.   I think they picked an excellent donor, J just fell in love with her the first time she saw her photo and had a strong feeling about her, so they opted to wait until she will be ready rather than choosing another donor.   I have to say that it was totally surreal looking through all the photos of the women willing to go through this process and it was hard for J & M to set aside the A vs D aspect, feeling that the D list might need the financial assistance more than those on the A list.   In the end, she chose the donor who jumped out at her in the first place.    She is a sweet looking young woman attending University.  
J&M won't be able to travel to India prior to a birth, but I have some flexibility and am not sure I can wait until a birth to see the facilities and to meet the team.   This whole process has ignited a spark in me and I am totally thrilled that the option of surrogacy exists for so many people.  I struggled with infertility for many years, and David and I touched the surface on the idea of adoption.  Back in "those days" (which was only 8 years ago) International adoption was still a relatively fast vehicle to have a child.   Guatemala sometimes delivered children to waiting parents within months of a successful home study, China was viable as were many other countries.   It is such a shame that those avenues have become closed due to a few corrupt operatives - there are so many children needing homes in this world, and too many barriers to entry for many willing parents.    Surrogacy programs like SCI should be applauded for its openness to families of all types,  and I will be a strong advocate and want to insure that the programs are solid, protected, and that all the positive aspects can be touted in the media, instead of the trend of mainstream media to exploit any negatives.    I've been reading all of the blogs, and am hopeful that we can have many success stories sung from the tree tops.     Peace and love to everyone along this journey, and a special shout to Bernadette - keep the updates coming, we are all hanging on your every word and experience!  


  1. Hi there - we are on the same schedule as your sister and her husband. We are a July egg retrieval also. We are currently looking at shipping companies. I can forward you some of the info we have received so far. I think my email is attached to this profile... sorry we are new to this blogging process.

    1. Would LOVE the info! my email is kimmyster1@yahoo.com

  2. I love this story. What a beautiful family you all are.


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