Monday, July 9, 2012

Eggs a coming...

Egg retrieval set for the 11th, we're all hoping that J&M's donor is doing well and full of wonderfully developing follicles.   Next step is the selection of the Surrogate.  Should have the profiles in the next day or so, but I wish we could just ask Dr. Shivani to pick the best candidate based on her endometrial lining and "child birthing" hips.   In reality, we all know the hips don't play as much of a role as the lining, which is important when it comes to implantation of embryos, still it's one of those things that we think about.   I have excellent child birthing hips, but still ended up with c-sections.

Our kiddos are still down in NC hanging out with my parents and J&M.   J&M are so amazing with our kids and I know that they are going to make excellent parents.   We have some news on our home front, we are moving from Maine to Dallas, TX at the end of this month, so we have a flurry of activity going on at the house, yard sales, purging of junk, and I start packing today.  Movers come on the 18th, and we depart Maine on the 20th to go pick up our kiddos and make the long drive down to TX.  

Very busy time for all of us!  Hope that everyone is doing well.


  1. Oh goodness - this is a busy month for you! Sending lots of good luck vibes to your sister's donor that she produces lots of lovely eggs!! Also wishing you good luck on your move - my dad lives in Dallas and loves it.

  2. Ohh how exciting, thinking happy bountiful thoughts for retrieval on the 11th.
    You can totally ask Dr.S to choose your surrogate/s for you.
    Best wishes for a smooth move.


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