Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Families Through Surrogacy Event - March 15th in San Francisco

Kim will be speaking at the Families Through Surrogacy event to be held on March 15th.  This is an opportunity for those interested in surrogacy, both domestically and internationally, to learn from experts and from Intended Parents both in the surrogacy process currently, and those who are parents through surrogacy.   We will be discussing all aspects of the process, with the goal of promoting the Educated Intended Parent.  http://www.familiesthrusurrogacy.com/global-conferences/us-conference#conf-schedule-us

In addition, Complete Surrogacy Solutions and Eggspecting, Inc. will be holding an information session on Sunday hosted by the group, www.gayfuturedads.org. Location and time to be announced shortly!

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