Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Complete Surrogacy Solutions to offer surrogacy options in the US!

Coming soon!!!   Exciting times ahead.   We want to be able to offer the best options in a few select locations/countries for our Intended Parents, and US surrogacy is an option for many people.   We will be following if and how Obamacare may or may not assist with the medical costs for the surrogate and infant.   This will become more clear in the months ahead.

We also are working on our legal resources in the UK, US and Australia.  We're focusing on legal aspects of second parent rights in Thailand for all interested in establishing those rights, given that the birth mother in Thailand is on the birth certificate and retains some rights under Thai law.   As with an "open adoption", there is some risk in this scenario, though likely mitigated and manageable.  It's a big job, and rules do vary from country to country. And it takes TIME. Remember these things don't happen overnight, and we want all of our clients to have full understanding of the laws in each country.

Clearly, this is not a 9-5 job, we find ourselves thinking of surrogacy and nothing but surrogacy and babies 24 hours a day.   I (Kim) even dream about babies - babies in hammocks, babies in carriers, babies on airplanes - they're everywhere!


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