Thursday, September 5, 2013

Semen shipment to Bangkok - SUCCESS!

Another smooth shipment from Shannon at Cryport!   I can't say enough about her services, and I'm thankful to have her for my clients.  Great communication, and follow through.

By the way, all suggestions for resources are non-paid referrals.  However, my clients do often have the benefit of special shipping rates.  I would rather the clients receive savings on things whenever possible, than to accept referrals from specialized providers.  This is an expensive process and keeping costs in check is part of my job that I take very seriously.

Another special thanks of the day goes to my client Fred for his thoughtful comments about me in his recent blog.  I am thankful for clients like him who become true life long friends.  His outline of the exit process is GREAT!   I couldn't have done it better, and I'm so happy that he's home safely with his two precious little guys.

Kim Hendrix
Complete Surrogacy Solutions


  1. Do you mind me asking what kind of information Cryoport provides in terms of tracking?

  2. Sure Rhy. Every aspect is organized by both Shannon and me, and clients are copied on all exchanges. We start by contacting the clinic from where the semen is prepped (I help clients organize this so the samples are prepped the way the receiving clinic wants it), we fill out the order form, and send it to Shannon who coordinates everything with both clinics. We are all copied in on the entire journey of the container through the shipping process at each destination, are alerted at customs, and alerted when it is delivered and signed for at the receiving clinic. Full documentation is available throughout the process. It is important that we all know when and where your special cargo is and when it arrives safely. If there is any sort of delay, Shannon's team is prepared to step in to assist.


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