Saturday, September 14, 2013

Families Through Surrogacy - Educational Surrogacy Organization

Families Through Surrogacy is a newly formed International Surrogacy non-profit organization developed to provide comprehensive education, support, and a central resource for those interested in pursuing surrogacy either internationally or domestically (here in the US).   We are planning two conferences in the US for March of 2014 - one in the Washington, DC area (March 15th and 16th) , and  be in San Francisco the (March 22nd and 23rd).   The programs are based on the Surrogacy Australia model, and conferences will be held in several global locations.

We are in the process of screening sponsors and speakers who represent the best of the industry, those who have consistently provided ethical surrogacy options, who promote best-practices and communication, and are proven experts in the industry.  In addition, we will also highlight several individual speakers who are at various stages in the surrogacy process.  We will focus on all aspects of the surrogacy process - from selecting your providers, agencies, lawyers, cryo-transportation, DNA processes, etc.   These will be large scale events and will offer options for both married heterosexual couples, singles, and the LGBT community.   One on one opportunities will be available for conferences with individual providers.

I will be updating more as time goes on, as I am supporting the efforts for the US conferences.  In the meantime, please visit for more information.  For direct questions, feel free to contact me personally at   I'm excited to be part of the formation of a wonderful resource for the surrogacy community.  

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