Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hope springs eternal!!!

Sac visualized at scan yesterday!  One perfect little sac.   It was so neat getting to call J. as she hadn't seen the email yet.  We both were a crying little mess.   My kids were on the call with us and we were all just so relieved.

As Dr. Shivani reminded me last week, everyone in this game of life, infertility, and surrogacy, can really only take it one week, one scan at a time until the baby is delivered and in our arms.

So, at 6 weeks we are attempting to breathe and just wait til the next scan where hopefully we will see a fetal pole, and maybe a heartbeat.

On another note, we are ALL hoping that Bernadette is indeed on a plane on her way home to the US so that she can get Hayden set in his new hospital (India provided top notch care, but everyone agrees it is time for the very specialized care that he will get at his world renowned medical center), so that Duane can finally meet his children in person instead of on a blurry Skype screen (can't wait for photos of that reunion), and that Bernadette can sleep in her own bed, in her own home, next to her hubby with Princess Scarlett sleeping in her own crib.   Or between Bernadette and Duane as I can't imagine him letting either one of them out of his sight and touch for a while.   What a journey for all of them, we wish them peace, love, and tons of healing and hope.

See you all next week!

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