Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gearing up for FET

J&M much better after a few days of disappointment and sadness.   They are ready to go with the next step, so another wire transfer going out today.   Takes about 3-4 weeks to prep new surrogate for transfer.  Dr. Shivani is optimistic since they have some beautiful embryos frozen and waiting.

D&I and kids attempting to settle into our new home in Frisco, TX.  Movers arrived Monday, D. on business all week, great timing, huh?   Boxes and boxes surrounding me!!!

Hope all is well with everyone!



  1. Feeling the "boxes surrounding me" misery-- everything just arrived. Guess I should be thankful it did though, right? Sending positive vibes to J&M from an FET success x2 Mummy. x

  2. Good luck guys, fingers and toes crossed for you x

  3. Good things come from FET!
    lots of love!!!

    T & I are thinking about making a Dallas Trip soon! let's make it happen!


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