Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From Complete Surrogacy Solutions! Another Australian Citizen is delivered!

Another Aussie Citizen welcomed.  We are happy to have played a part in the positive outcome for the Intended Parent and his gorgeous son, George!

We take a personalized approach for each Intended Parent, each program is geared towards the individual needs that our clients express to us during in depth first meetings and Skype calls.  Our involvement allows the Intended Parent to feel part of the process.  It is an honor to be part of this special  journey with you.

We return to India and Nepal next week for our continued growth and development and to arrange Skype calls and visits for each IP and their surrogate mother.  We also have a large group of clients starting their surrogacy processes.  It is rare to have an agent who personally travels with clients to begin cycles and to meet their surrogates.  We also are finalizing our convenience packages for clients to access during the exit process in Nepal.   Convenience is going to be key for an easier time managing the weeks spent in Kathmandu with your new baby or babies!

Assistants have been hired, drivers engaged, attorneys consulted, hotels and apartments negotiated.  It is an exciting time once again.   We welcome the opportunity to continue to develop and make the best programs available.  Each trip brings us new experiences and education and allows us to tailor the program to benefit the differing needs of as many Intended Parents as possible.

We work very hard, and are very proud to have assisted many parents throughout the past years.  It truly takes a village, and we are here to bring all moving parts together.

Kim Waters Hendrix, Kim Hendrix, Complete Surrogacy Solutions

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