Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another month, Another journey, Another group of blessings and a first birthday!

Happy First Birthday to my ADORABLE nephews born through surrogacy in India one year ago!  Aidan and Jayden continue to be real reminders of the miracle of surrogacy.   They have brought such joy to our family, and especially to my sister, J. and her husband, M.

First Easter - A&J through Surrogacy in India

Next, I spent the month of April back in Bangkok with pregnant clients, new clients, egg donors and surrogates.  It was very busy, very emotional, and very productive.   Complete Surrogacy Solutions is expecting 15 babies this summer with Intended Parents from Australia and the United States.   Our first set of twins are due in a couple of weeks in Bangkok, but given some pre-term contractions this past week, I'm thinking we might have some little ones fairly soon.  I'm thrilled with the care that Miss P. obtained from BNH hospital, and it's so nice to actually have real itemized invoices for her care.  The financial transparency continues to be a tremendous relief for both IPs and for me.  I've posted a couple of photos from April's trip.

                                              With one of our GORGEOUS Thai Egg Donors

                                With a very special surrogate, Miss Pa who is expecting twins very soon

                           With our Thai Surrogate, Miss Ph, expecting twins, and Australian Daddies to be

We just had our first results from the April group cycle, and they were again positive.   We are awaiting 8 more Beta results in the next week.   I have everything crossed for positives for everyone.   Sometimes it feels hard to breathe!   We also have some wonderful news continuing out of Delhi and Dr. Bakshi!   Ongoing strong pregnancies and new cycles starting.  While the news overall from India on the debate of continuation of surrogacy for foreigners weighs on heavily on my mind, I do hope that they stay open. India is still a very strong place for surrogacy success and I still believe and support the program there.   The industry did much for the economy - from the surrogates themselves to drivers, to office staff, to tourism.  It was a winning situation, and it is a shame that the gov't just can't seem to decide which direction to head.   People are now considering Nepal because India is shutting down.   Nepal is going to be the final frontier.   It is not going to be an easy process there - true third world conditions are often tough to navigate until infrastructure is developed by the clinics.  I do understand the feeling of desperation when trying to have a family.   I'm giving Nepal some time before I will even consider suggesting it, and it would have to be with my doctor in India.  Some sort of governmental guidance is hopeful there, I do think they might be one place eager to have all of us.  I will consider Mexico first, personally, and I'm still not 100 percent sold there either.  But, I do try to keep a somewhat open mind so that I can always have options for what is coming.

The next two months will be very busy.  I am heading to Melbourne for the Surrogacy Australia conference, then flying straight back to Bangkok for the entire month of June for a full June group cycle, for the birth of our first twins, to assist their father with all exit procedures.  During this trip, I fly to Delhi to visit with Dr. Bakshi and our pregnant surrogates there.   David will also join me for a couple of weeks at the end of June, which will be nice for both of us - we don't have much time together these days, I am totally consumed with work.

One of the biggest news items for me personally, we are moving back to MIAMI!  And, we will be in partnership with a US Surrogacy Agency and will be opening a true Miami office.   All of this move will happen while I'm in Australia and Bangkok... 

The bottom line, this industry can change the lives of Intended Parents in tremendous ways.  But, it has done something wonderful for me as well.   It has completed me in a way that I truly needed.  My entire family is honored to be involved in this, even my children, - we all live, eat, and breathe this.   We are blessed.


  1. its been a year!!! wow!! i remember sitting in the hotle feeding them with you. bless then, they are way too cute x
    congrats on all your success xx

  2. Lovely pictures--looking good, Kim! Congrats on the success. Hoping you continue to help more families expand.

  3. The more that I read about Nepal the more it concerns me. I wish people understood that just because a process exists in a specific location, doesn't mean that the resources exist to do it well.


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